Mindfulness For Pain

Mindfulness For Pain


“I cannot make the pain go away, but I can change how I respond to it.”

Vidyamala Burch knows the agony of living with never-ending pain. She injured her spine in 1977 when she was just 16 years old. It happened when she was lifting someone out of a swimming pool in lifesaving practice. The injury was serious.

Five years later, she met with a car accident and her spine got injured once again. Thereafter, over the years her spinal condition has only deteriorated. So much so, she now uses crutches or a wheelchair for mobility due to partial paraplegia.

She was in treatment at a New Zealand hospital for a spinal injury in 1985. It was here that she first came in touch with meditation and mindfulness. Later, she used mindfulness to ease her mental suffering associated with the physical pain.

What she learned, in fact, was that her pain is unavoidable, but she could ease her mental misery caused by that pain. Clinical trials show that mindfulness meditation can be as effective as prescription painkillers. Mindfulness can also reduce anxiety, depression, irritability, exhaustion and sleeplessness of chronic painful illnesses.

In 2004 she founded Breathworks, which has now spread to over 25 countries.

And in the late 2013, Burch co-authored an excellent book with Danny Penman, a science and health writer for the UK’s Daily Mail, Mindfulness For HealthMindfulness For Health teaches simple practices that take just 10-20 minutes per day. The eight-week program at the heart of this book helps relieve chronic pain and the stress of illness.

It was awarded the Best Book in Popular Medicine at the British Medical Association’s Book Awards 2014.

This book also appears as You Are Not Your Pain in the United States. Jeremy Hunter, PhD, says of this book, “You Are Not Your Pain provides a lucid and powerful guide to meeting life’s inevitabilities. With this book you will learn to work with pain and use it to catalyze growth and transformation.”

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