Life is too short to live with repressed emotions.

What we say not, but want to speak out, often form whirlpools inside us. And it is these that often create so loud a disconcerting cacophony that even most of our internal dialogues become voiceless.

Life, however, is too evanescent to let these forced silences take away the inbred peace within us.

Sometimes we keep silent¬†because we feel the other person might get hurt. Sometimes because we feel we might invite hurt from the person spoken to. A free flow of communication begins & sustains for most parts once these two fears are absolved. So, have the courage to express your feelings. And have the empathy to let not another’s courage go subdued.

While taking care of the practicalities of life, we sometimes too often let the emotional aspects slide past. We go to bed holding anger, let resentments steal away our sleep, bottle up our worries for tomorrow. Life is far too uncertain. It can end in an indefinite instant. So, reconcile the differences with those who matter to you. Share your feelings with those you’d rather. And live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

Just let yourself be remorselessly happier!


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