First Post

It’s a jungle out there. I mean the grounds where I play my skills. It’s an out-patient department of a hospital.

Of the many twisted experiences the patients hand over to me, one that happened today was really worth musing over – for the sheer serendipity it exemplifies!

This was a an old guy who, as he barely sat down, declared I was the first doctor he was visiting in 36 years! Whoa! I exclaimed. But he wasn’t happy with my explicit surprise. He looked at me square and said, “But you must ask me why!” So, I asked, “Why? You never fell ill all these years?”

“Nope. I have a prescription from a very famous doctor who treated me when I fell sick 36 years back. He died the day next.” OK, death can come to anyone, and at anytime – even after consulting a patient, I thought. But what came next was something no doctor on earth might have ever heard, believe me. He said, “Everytime I had something wrong with me, I went to the chemist and got me those prescribed medicines. And those medicines treated me for any disease that I had all these years! More than 40 times!”

I was simply thunder-stuck! Still I summoned up enough wit to ask, “Then why did you come to me today? Those medicines didn’t work this time?”

What he said next wiped the smirk off my face quite unceremoniously. He said, “I lost that prescription.”

And I almost flopped dead.


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